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Amazing Kidney Race

Looks amazing indeed!!!

After the Condura run, I promised myself that I will be joining my officemates in their runs. We were supposed to register in a bigger event on March 7 but we ran out of race kits last week.

A friend mentioned the Kidney race that will be held in UP Diliman also on the same date. This is a better venue for most of us living near the eastern and northern part of Metro Manila. I got the race details from GBM. (Check out his site for more details.)
This run, personally, is for a good cause because I had kidney problems when I was still a kid and here I am healthy(I hope) and able to run.
Personal target? I hope to get the really nice medal within the cut-off time. (halfway of 15km in 45 minutes or finish the race (15km) in 1:45 hours).

Kidney medal.. NICE!!!

So I’m back to my training.. Another race to look forward to..(next week? so soon..) Hopefully will make it with my officemate running with me on that day.. Goodluck to us and see if we can enjoy the race and get those nice “kidneys”.



OT muna!!

Congrats to all who passed the PHYSICIAN LICENSURE EXAMINATION (February 2010) specially to my friend, Dr.Vanessa Sumaoang… =)
(naks.. Sana Sports Medicine or Orthopedic kunin mo na specialization, para libre ang consultation!! hahaha)

Best wishes and Good luck in your chosen vocation..

Where to run in the Libis area?

My usual workout plan is to do 3 runs in a week; 2 short ones during weekdays and a long one during weekends. But I live in an area sandwiched by major hi-ways and raging motorists.. The lazy-person in me would rather go to the gym and do some treadmill work. I would also go to UP on stress nights.

A friend suggested that I should try the C-5-Greenmeadows-Corinthian-White Plains-Katipunan route.

Another suggested the Riverbanks to Tumana bridge route.

I have already tried the Industria Rd-Marcos hi-way and back .

I know there are more.. But the primary concern now is the safety.

With a lot of public and private vehicles around me, and snatcher’s along these routes (got mugged many times) , running around UP could probably be still the safest in my area. I have yet to join some of groups who runs in the south to compare the luxury they have with mine here.

Still, the Greenmeadows to Katipunan route is still worth the try..

4am anyone?

My Condura Experience (21km) D-DAY!!!

I woke up earlier than my planned time… 1:30 am, I was already up, preparing my breakfast of oatmeal, bananas and milk. I did some push-ups, crunches and squats to make sure my body is already pumped-up. After my breakfast, I had a long cold shower, fixed my ipod’s playlist, checked my nike+ sensor and transmitter, packed my extra clothes and made sure I had enough money in my short’s pockets and arm pouch just in case I need a cab during the run if ever I quit during the race. By 3:30am I’m all dressed-up and drinking my chocolate energy drink (another lifesaver for me).

I was walking around our area, drunk party people around me while waiting for a cab, and I felt envious.. not! I will never exchange that moment for anything else. A few minutes before 4am, I was already at BHS. I walked from GAP to ROX to warm up a bit. Then I saw the fireworks, and a few seconds later, I saw a large group of runners, damn.. those were the 42km runners… I stood by the road, cheering for them and walked to Condura village. I fixed my things, checked my ipod again, texted my officemates who will be also running later in the morning and made sure I still have some cash on me for the run.

By 4:30am, I checked-in for the race. People around were doing their warm-up runs, stretching and I was just there standing in awe around these people. I still can’t believe that I’m running this race, more of anxiety than excitement. 1minute or so before gunstart, fireworks were ignited and then the race began. Due to the number of runners on that event, Most of us at the end of the pack were forced to walk. While walking, I tuned in to my Wolfgang and Razorback playlist and completely ignored the playlist I made for the run. This was a good move for me cause it made me relax during the race. Wolfgang rules!!!

On the first corner, I started to speed up. I am not sure if I was just being pulled by the crowd or it is just the adrenaline. Before I knew it, I was already at St Luke’s getting ready for the Kalayaan flyover. I added more speed cause I really was enjoying the music. When I got at the top of Kalayaan, it was too dark for me. I had a hard time adjusting in the dark and the headlights of the cars on the opposite lane. I reached Buendia in no time and took my first drink of water. I saw the Takbo peeps in their Aid station and I took a deep breath cause I knew the sky way is already near.

Up the ramp to skyway, adrenaline started to kick in again. I kept checking my watch what time it is since I don’t want to check my ipod anymore. I was still hoping I can reach the halfway point by 6am. A few minutes later, the lead pack was already on their way back and I just can’t help clapping and cheering for them. I did not stop for walk breaks and slowed down only for a few gulps of water. A few minutes before 6am I was already at halfway point. It was then I noticed that I ran faster than my usual 10km race pace. I took a short break, had a few jelly beans and water. I knew then that I can finish earlier so I started texting my office mates again that I might see them in an hour so. I watched the sunrise and thanked God that I was able to join that event. I started running again at a much slower pace cause I know anytime soon my left knee might act up again. I was wrong. I was near Don Bosco exit when I really had to stop because of the sharp pain on the side of my right knee. I lost my focus that I can’t even jog. I lost my pain meds (probably fell) and I was already limping. I saw a water station and did my best to jog. A lady runner approached me and was offering me salts cause she thought I was having cramps. Such a nice lady. =)

I was munching a few more jelly beans and and was talking to myself that I won’t quit. I would close my eyes every time my right foot strikes the ground because of the pain. When I got used with the pain, I started running again and gradually increased my speed. When I reached the aid station, I really wanted to have some liniment on me, to see if it can help with the pain..I had a brief chat with japorms and started running again til makati med. Crossing ayala ave, I was texting my office mates where I am and told them I’ll text them again when I get to St.Lukes. I was half laughing when I re-read my message, cause they might think I might not finish the race and go straight to St.Luke’s.

The last 2 kilometers was definitely the hardest but sweetest for me. I ignored the pain and started running again. I caught up with Ms.Prieto going up the Kalayaan flyover and really don’t want to stop. I took a short break again and when I saw St. Luke’s, I knew the finish line was just a few meters ahead. A policeman shouted at me to take off my earphones so I can hear the traffic. I got disoriented and got back to my senses when I heard someone shouting “21km runners, last 200meters!!!”. That was it for me.. I took a deep breath and ran to the finish line.. I stopped right before stepping at the line cause I was making sure I went in the right lane. hahaha I was all smiles when the lady hung the medal on my neck.

2:25:08 was my official time. I few seconds ahead of my ipod. What was really weird was my nike+ sensor was off by 3kms. I looked for my friends, changed and texted my family and closest friends about what happened.

We had breakfast at Gram’s in Rockwell. I’m starting to feel that this is becoming a post-race ritual for us. They were making fun of me cause I can’t walk straight specially downhill. But I still felt great.

I am still in pain right now, still walking with a limp, but whenever I think about that race, I knew it was worth it.

rantings and lessons learned:

1. I can finish this race at an earlier time if I had a proper training.

2. Always make sure to get the allergies (SL) on the last working day of the race weekend. hahaha

3. Wolfgang during my runs was not a bad idea after all.

4. always bring sports beans… =)

5. stop texting while running.

6. next time a nice lady gives you a hand during a run, make sure you get her name. =)

Til my next race, 42km? we’ll see…

Special thanks to:

my officemates – even though you guys didn’t wait for me at the finish line.

my best friend – best morale boost message days before the race.

my parents – who finally approved of my running. I promise I won’t run at the hi-way in Bataan , alone. (BDM!!)

and to you who painstakingly read through this post. hahaha thanks

more power to the TAKBO.PH peeps!! God speed!!!

The Condura Experience (21km) Events before Race day

My dream run happened last Feb 7, 2010. After my first road race (KOTR), I began looking for upcoming events in the Net. Then I found the Condura run site of 2009 which was still up at that time and was still probably on the planning stage for the Condura 2010. What struck me most was the skyway run.. I mean, how many here has already ran on the skyway? I then became obsessed and started running 2-3 times a week just to build mileage. (before this half marathon, 15km was my longest run)

Late December until mid-January, I developed an injury on my left knee.. I had to stop running for some time and do more strengthening and stretching for my legs. 2 weeks before race day, I was able to run again, easy 10-11kms and I knew that I can still do this. Another reason for me to stop running was the work load I had for the past 2 weeks. I can’t run on weekdays because I usually go home around 1am in the morning and be back by 8-9am at work.

I had the guts to finally meet some of the people of TAKBO.PH 3 days before the race(Thursday). I met orgyst,sherry, japorms and karenyt and other runners most of whom I can only now remember by face or their real names. sorry guys…. It was a carbo loading party at Joey Pepperoni near BHS. I used to consider myself as an anti-social kind of person, so this was a big leap for me. hehehe thanks really to my companions that night.

Early in the morning the next day(Friday), I developed rashes and my allergic rhinitis started to act up. I had to stay at home the whole day to rest.. probably something I ate the night before or maybe it was stress-related allergies. I was determined not to run on Sunday if I will still be under medication. Good thing everything subsided in the evening.

Saturday, around 3am, I received a text message from an officemate, also running at the condura event that she is in our favorite bar. I promised not to take in any alcohol but hell.. 3 shots of tequila was really worth it. I rested the whole day, started hydrating, bought some sports beans(life-saver) and ate really well. by 9pm, I was sleeping and waiting for the 2am alarm the next day. (–more to come– race day)

My First Post

Finally I had the guts to start blogging.. (or out of boredom right now) I have blogs in my multiply account I made some years ago which I will be posting the links later. But to start one which will be readily accessible to the public, will really be my first.

So what will this blog’s content’s be? I actually don’t know yet. But surely I’ll be adding my running experiences, my rants on my daily routines and so on.

So, to those who doesn’t personally know me, you will have to excuse me for the maturity level (which is extremely low… =) ) hahaha

thanks guys and God speed…