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The Amazing Kidney Race (Race Day)

After almost a month after the race, it is only now that I found the time to update my blog page and share my experience during this race. I hope I can still recall what happened on that day.

Most of the runners I know were either at the event in BHS, CCP or in Bataan. My workmates and I chose this event in UP because it was nearer.

I woke up around 3am, prepared my breakfast and my things for the run. By 5am I was already leaving for UP. I was quite surprised when I got there. The tents of the sponsors and organizers have not yet been fixed. I had a feeling that this run will be really delayed at the rate the organizers were moving.. So my workmates and I relaxed for a bit, waiting for the gun start.

5:45am was the scheduled gun start of the 15km race, but we started around 6:30am. The sun was already up and we were pretty sure that this was going to be one hell of a run on that day. I prepared myself for the worst that this route will probably have water stations at least every 3-4km.

The first 2-3km was ok.. From the last water station I stopped(2nd in the race route) near Palma Hall to Katipunan and CP Garcia and back to UP again, was the most hellish experience I had in all my runs. There was no water, the sun was scorching us, my earbuds broke and my right knee was already hurting.. But I was still on schedule to reach the halfway point which was 45 minutes. I crossed the half-way mark at 42minutes and 25 seconds.

I was supposed to relax on the second loop. But I wanted to finish the race ASAP because of the heat. This aggravated my knee. I was also starting to have blisters on my right toe. I took a long break at the water station near Palma hall thinking that this might probably be my last water break for the race. When I exited Katipunan, I looked for a stall and bought some water. The heat was killing me. I didn’t mind the pain anymore, I was exhausted and aching all over but I wanted to end it soon, so I continued running. My knee would hurt on downhill slopes. I’d start running again when the road is flat or uphill. As I entered UP again, I knew that there was less than 2km left. I enjoyed the shade around the Academic Oval and walked for a few more minutes. I took my time walking because I was already sure of the finisher’s medal. I took my last drink near the tennis courts and ran to the finish line. I crossed the finish line with 1hr and 34 minutes in my ipod. I am still waiting for the official race results as of writing.. I hope they release it soon.

What I liked about this race?
It took me to my limit. I already finished a 21km with a lot of uphills but this 15km was painful and exhausting..
I really hope that the organizers will be able to improve on their next races. Although I had a bad experience because there was hardly water anywhere and the race started late, I might still join next year’s event.

I haven’t ran since this event. I’m still nursing my right knee. I can’t wait to get back on the road and run again…