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Could it be My Last?(ADIDAS KOTR 2010)

It has almost been a year since I started joining races here in Metro Manila. And I would like to thank Meay for inviting me last year to join the KOTR 2009. Although we don’t get to run together anymore, this yearly event is something I will always remember wherever I may go.
Go? Yep… A few months back, I posted that something is coming up. Now that I have seen the details in-print, and have already decided about it, I guess I’m free to tell what it is about. Turtle Runner is going to Japan. For how long? Minimum of 3 years… Would I like an extension if given the chance? We’ll see.
There is the possibility I may not be able to run this race because the date of my departure has not been finalized yet (maybe by the end of October). Whether I’m here in Manila or in Tokyo, I promised myself that I will still be covering the 21km distance I signed up for.
So, I have been back in my training for almost 2 weeks now. Trying real hard to juggle with the schedules of sayounara’s with friends, work and training. I am not attempting to beat my 2:30:00 target in the Condura race early this year but what matters most is that I enjoy this run with my friends, get that finisher’s medal and and be injury-free before my departure.
So, could it be my last race? Definitely not. Although there are limited races in Japan, and the costs are really high, I will still continue to train for my 42km and hopefully I’ll be able to do it in the Tokyo Marathon event, 2012 or 2013? Besides, the Philippines will always be the place where my heart is. Who knows, I might come home for the Condura 2011?!
I will surely miss running in Metro Manila. Around Eastwood, going to the Marikina Sports center, UP academic oval and the Green Meadows and White Plains road. I will surely miss my running buddies at work and the people I met at Takbo.PH and that person who first introduced me to road races. So this 21km is for all of you. I won’t say goodbye to anyone here yet. Hopefully this departure gets postponed til January.. hehe
See you on the 24th, Kings/Queens Of The Road!!!

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