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Somewhere in Tokyo
Along the Tobu-Isesaki Line

I am celebrating my 29th year on earth today. And for someone who wants to stay young forever, I am not so bothered anymore. First, I still look ridiculously young for my age. I was asked to show some identification to verify my age whether I am an adult or not several times this year. Another instance was when I visited my alma mater before leaving for Japan to get some important documents. The security guard asked me to file an excuse slip for supposedly forgetting my school id. I shyly told him that I graduated in ’04. Ok! It is not my fault, maybe the youth of today behaves and appears to be more mature than I am. Either that or I just really look young. Haha

Last year was my first birthday I celebrated with 3 out of 4 of my parents. Probably the only celebration I can remember with my family in Bataan. This time, it is my second birthday here in Japan. I spent yesterday night cleaning my room, talked with Ice for my midnight greeting and fell asleep. This morning, I woke up early for a quick run and just like every year, wherever I am, It rains briefly. There is a small belief in our province that when it rains on your birthday, it means a shower of blessings. I have always half-believed that. And thinking back I always have been blessed.

For this year, a prayer has been answered and for almost a year of carrying that burden, I feel that the worst is over. I am now here in Japan, working my ass off most of the time but I am enjoying it. I really couldn’t complain loving the Japanese culture and people. Although it sucks that there are still stereotypes regarding foreigners in their land, I know that the people I met here are not hypocrites in front of me.
Third, I finally had the chance to give back to my family all the support they gave me when I was a kid. I don’t really call myself an OFW cause I really don’t know my status but having these “duties” for my family makes me feel like a real adult. Fourth, I am just so thankful I met Ice and us being together for many months now.

Tomorrow I will be holding a small party in my apartment. A few drinks and food and probably some online gaming. A good friend told me in 2007 to celebrate your birthday no matter where you are or how sad you are, you have to celebrate with the people you are with. I did at that time in my apartment in Kozukue, Yokohama. And I am doing it again not because I am sad. Life for me now is too short to worry about the petty things, to get easily ticked off of something that didn’t go my way etc etc. I know I still am a work in progress. And yes I do miss my family and wish I am with them today.

I have two wishes in my heart right now. And it is just between God and me. There are a lot of things I want to achieve, to discover and to live for and I am looking forward to that bright future.

To everyone who greeted me today, I thank you for remembering me. I wish I can celebrate with everyone today but you are all with me in my heart and prayers. Thanks!!


After Work Addiction

Platform 2, Tamachi station
Waiting for the 21:06 train

So after a few months of planning and pushing myself to go to the gym after work, I finally did it. I usually run in Nishiarai along the Arakawa riverbank or do some routines in my room after work when I get to go home early (which hardly happens) from work. This morning, I went through the Tokyo morning rush hour with a large gym bag. Believe me, it wasn’t easy. I had to get off the train to make way for people exiting the train or else I’d be carried away by the current of people. I even opted to leave my bag in Ueno to make my morning commute easy.

The rest of the day at work was slow moving. I had an official project around 4pm and was praying to finish it before 6pm. Sadly I had to stay for another hour to confirm things with my officemates.

At exactly 7pm, I was already eating an energy bar and psyching myself for what I thought would be a gruesome evening. I changed and went to the training room which was full. I had never seen a gym that full before. I went to the track instead for my cardio workout, ran about 3km in less than 20 mins, out of breath and thirsty. I went back to the lockers to leave my phone and proceeded with my main goal for tonight. I just had one observation in my 45 minutes in the weights and machine area; people here are just damn polite. They would leave the machines to make way for those in line even though they are just catching a quick break. They would even say sorry if their set would take a long time. How come I never had that experience in my previous gym in Quezon city?

Then came the scary part… Shower time… Hmmmm. Let’s just say that I am not comfortable with people walking around the locker full naked and no doors in the shower cubicles. Hahaha…but this is something I had to do. I finished my shower and changed in less than 10 minutes, had my supplements and took the train home.

So here I am, looking for a new route home since my train to Kita Senju is so delayed.. but I feel good, never felt my body so alive. Must be the adrenaline but who cares, I need to do this more often.

And oh yeah, I lost 8lbs since I got back from my summer vacation. 🙂 I am somewhere along the Chiyoda line now.. until my next post, running_turtle wishes everyone a good night/day.


Platform 2, Tamachi station
1815 to Nippori

Finally, the 3rd quarter of the year officially began last week. Aside from adding another year to my life on earth, it is my 10th month here in Japan (that was fast). Autumn is coming soon, and Christmas. 🙂 But before that, I just came back from a 10-day trip across SE Asia with my loved ones, registered for the Tokyo Marathon 2012, and managed to get through the busiest season in our company.

Now that I am finally registered for the marathon, I began training last week and I’m still having problems in motivating myself to go back into my running form physically and mentally. I added about 30lbs since I arrived Japan and nearing the obese section in the BMI index.

I started eating less and changed my eating habits and I believe it is working. I still need to buy a weighing scale to prove this. But according to my officemates, I look thinner compared before the summer vacation began. Honestly, I love eating… Plus the food here is really good. But even before then, when I was still running in Manila and even eons before that, I can practically eat anything without gaining weight. I guess this is part of ageing. I was alarmed when one day I was having a difficult time wearing my shoes and tying my shoelaces. Going up 5 floors would make me huff and puff. And if there was a point in your life when you felt stronger, body and mind functioning well as if anything is possible, you tend to get depressed for being too lazy to squeeze in a routine or two before the day ends.

So I am currently on the beginning stages in my pursuit of getting back what I lost a few months back and hoping I get picked at the lottery for the marathon. Yes! There is a lottery. The quota of 30k runners was met on the first day of registration and yearly around 300k hopeful marathoners apply. By October, the lottery results will be out but even if I won’t get picked, I have a target that by February 2012, I must be in my best form, and maybe run 42k on my own on race day.