Platform 2, Tamachi station
1815 to Nippori

Finally, the 3rd quarter of the year officially began last week. Aside from adding another year to my life on earth, it is my 10th month here in Japan (that was fast). Autumn is coming soon, and Christmas. 🙂 But before that, I just came back from a 10-day trip across SE Asia with my loved ones, registered for the Tokyo Marathon 2012, and managed to get through the busiest season in our company.

Now that I am finally registered for the marathon, I began training last week and I’m still having problems in motivating myself to go back into my running form physically and mentally. I added about 30lbs since I arrived Japan and nearing the obese section in the BMI index.

I started eating less and changed my eating habits and I believe it is working. I still need to buy a weighing scale to prove this. But according to my officemates, I look thinner compared before the summer vacation began. Honestly, I love eating… Plus the food here is really good. But even before then, when I was still running in Manila and even eons before that, I can practically eat anything without gaining weight. I guess this is part of ageing. I was alarmed when one day I was having a difficult time wearing my shoes and tying my shoelaces. Going up 5 floors would make me huff and puff. And if there was a point in your life when you felt stronger, body and mind functioning well as if anything is possible, you tend to get depressed for being too lazy to squeeze in a routine or two before the day ends.

So I am currently on the beginning stages in my pursuit of getting back what I lost a few months back and hoping I get picked at the lottery for the marathon. Yes! There is a lottery. The quota of 30k runners was met on the first day of registration and yearly around 300k hopeful marathoners apply. By October, the lottery results will be out but even if I won’t get picked, I have a target that by February 2012, I must be in my best form, and maybe run 42k on my own on race day.


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  1. will power lang b! 😉

  2. ganon!? hahaha d bale..ur bday’s coming up soon..pwede ka humingi…hingi lang ha…hahaha matagal pa ang Christmas eh :p

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