Somewhere in Tokyo
Along the Tobu-Isesaki Line

I am celebrating my 29th year on earth today. And for someone who wants to stay young forever, I am not so bothered anymore. First, I still look ridiculously young for my age. I was asked to show some identification to verify my age whether I am an adult or not several times this year. Another instance was when I visited my alma mater before leaving for Japan to get some important documents. The security guard asked me to file an excuse slip for supposedly forgetting my school id. I shyly told him that I graduated in ’04. Ok! It is not my fault, maybe the youth of today behaves and appears to be more mature than I am. Either that or I just really look young. Haha

Last year was my first birthday I celebrated with 3 out of 4 of my parents. Probably the only celebration I can remember with my family in Bataan. This time, it is my second birthday here in Japan. I spent yesterday night cleaning my room, talked with Ice for my midnight greeting and fell asleep. This morning, I woke up early for a quick run and just like every year, wherever I am, It rains briefly. There is a small belief in our province that when it rains on your birthday, it means a shower of blessings. I have always half-believed that. And thinking back I always have been blessed.

For this year, a prayer has been answered and for almost a year of carrying that burden, I feel that the worst is over. I am now here in Japan, working my ass off most of the time but I am enjoying it. I really couldn’t complain loving the Japanese culture and people. Although it sucks that there are still stereotypes regarding foreigners in their land, I know that the people I met here are not hypocrites in front of me.
Third, I finally had the chance to give back to my family all the support they gave me when I was a kid. I don’t really call myself an OFW cause I really don’t know my status but having these “duties” for my family makes me feel like a real adult. Fourth, I am just so thankful I met Ice and us being together for many months now.

Tomorrow I will be holding a small party in my apartment. A few drinks and food and probably some online gaming. A good friend told me in 2007 to celebrate your birthday no matter where you are or how sad you are, you have to celebrate with the people you are with. I did at that time in my apartment in Kozukue, Yokohama. And I am doing it again not because I am sad. Life for me now is too short to worry about the petty things, to get easily ticked off of something that didn’t go my way etc etc. I know I still am a work in progress. And yes I do miss my family and wish I am with them today.

I have two wishes in my heart right now. And it is just between God and me. There are a lot of things I want to achieve, to discover and to live for and I am looking forward to that bright future.

To everyone who greeted me today, I thank you for remembering me. I wish I can celebrate with everyone today but you are all with me in my heart and prayers. Thanks!!


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  1. Awwwww…nice post today baby..there’s a lot to celebrate really and I’m overwhelmingly glad to have met you also! Cheers for many more birthdays to celebrate together! I love you so much and a blessed birthday to you!

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