Monthly Archives: September 2012


(This post was saved in my drafts since September 2012 and I forgot that this was never posted then. Updates on this site from September 2012 til June 2013 will be posted soon.)

I have sort of forgotten about this blogsite of mine. Honestly, I have not been doing a lot of running after the Tokyo marathon. But I spent a lot of time on my bike instead.

The past months were painful and challenging for me. I guess it comes naturally when you have reached that point in life where you question your self-worth. But then, there were days also where everything seemed perfect. Those days, either good or bad, molded me to who I am at this moment. And I will always be thankful for everything I have learned a lot about myself because of these experiences.

I have just spent my 30th year on this earth with Ice. Living apart from each other is one of our daily challenges we had to go through. It was a fun but short vacation. And in those 6 days spent with her includes one of the reasons why I had to revive this blogsite. As a gift, she compiled the contents of this site into a coffee table book. Who would have thought that I will have my own book? Something tangible, something that can be browsed anytime and preserved.

On my way back to Tokyo, again I begin to ask myself, why do people in love have that bad luck of being away from each other? How long can one endure the time and distance til they meet again?

And so I’m back at doing my daily routines; fight my way across the morning crowd, endure the long hours of work, late dinners, late lights out.