My last post which was last September 2012 was never posted then and I just found out today. So, how was my September 2012 to May 2013?

September 2012 – From the previous post, I went to Singapore to visit my girlfriend and spent my birthday there. Spent the night in Sentosa and had my birthday treat in Universal Studios. The Battlestar Galactica ride was one of the awesomest rides I tried.


MBS 2012


October 2012 – I received news I didn’t make it in the lottery for the 2013 Tokyo Marathon. A co-worker and one of my supervisors joined the lottery too. We all failed. Also, it was around this time when I first heard of new plans regarding my work here in Japan. Something I looked forward to and scared me almost everyday. The usual working hours in the office from morning until night kept me from doing runs every other day, and I guess I gained a lot more kilos around this time.

November 2012 – Autumn was fast approaching and I was getting bored. Just in the nick of time, my dream camera came out on a big sale a few weeks before the official autumn colors hit Tokyo. So, Aki(D7000), was born, loved and was my constant companion almost wherever I go. November was also the time when my office buddies from Manila came to Tokyo. Drinking buddies!!!!




December 2013 – Yuletide season and winter kicked my ass this time. It was a sad and cold season. But then again, Autumn colors were still around the early part of December so I had a lot of photowalks with my friends. Day before Christmas, was my most impulsive day. I was around with my friends when we stopped by an electronics shop for them to look for iphone and ipad covers. I was just going around the apple products when one saleslady beside me shouted “1 Macbook Pro for sale, half the original price!”. I didn’t mind her and everyone was ignoring her. Then the manager of the area shouted the same lines and again I was there beside the announcer. I ended up buying that laptop right at that moment. How often do you find a half the price, over the top specs Macbook Pro? Hence, Eve was born. Loved and part of my daily geek life now. There were some parties at home where everyone would gather. Eating and drinking til dawn. Merry Christmas!!






January 2013 – We started 2013 with a bang! We spent New Year’s eve together, again eating but this time, no more alcohol. We were planning to catch the first sunrise of the year near Tokyo bay. The sun was covered by the clouds but it was worth it. Specially when Mt Fuji decided not to be shy on that day. January was also the time I had to go to Osaka on a business trip for a month with some trainees to work with our new customer. Since I was only supposed to be there for a month, visiting the important spots around the Kansai area was a must.




Kobe Waterfront

Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion)
Kyoto (Kinkakuji Temple)

Osaka Castle (2013/02/07)
Osaka Castle

February 2013 – After visiting most parts of Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe, I decided to take a few hundred kilometers more to the west. I booked a bus and a local Japanese inn and headed to Hiroshima. There, my fascination regarding the Hiroshima bombing was fulfilled. The hunger for making most of the trip led me to Iwakuni and visited one of the famous bridges and castle in Western Japan. On the was back from Iwakuni, I visited Miyajima, the sacred island famous for its bright red gate on the shore and Mt Misen. Mt Misen tested my stamina, hiking only for a few kilometers, climbing rocks and steep elevation made me a weakling in front of the senior citizens climbing that mountain that day. It was a very spiritual trip for me and on my way back to Osaka, I promised myself that I will visit that lovely place again with my loved ones. February was also the time I had to come back to Tokyo and end my short business trip.

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Genbaku Dome)
Hiroshima Peace Memorial

Kintai-kyo Bridge
Kintai-kyo Bridge

Itsukushima Shrine (Miyajima) (2013/02/10)

March 2013 – After a few days in our Tokyo office, I was met again by my bosses that I had to go back to Osaka for another business trip this time to for a more challenging role. I spent 2 more months in Osaka, occasional trips to Kyoto and around Osaka on the weekends.



April 2013 – Spring in Kansai was a different experience. The farthest trip I went to was in Yoshino, Nara where I wanted to catch the cherry blossoms in the mountains. It was also around this time when I learned these business trips will have to stop and I had to move from Tokyo to Osaka officially. I went back to our Tokyo office for a day, and said my goodbyes to my bosses and co-workers there. It was a night of booze and last partying with my japanese big brothers at work. Now comes the saddest part on my last return to Tokyo. Cleaning up my apartment. Packing 2 years worth of stuff and throwing away 2 years worth of junk was never easy. I spent my nights with my friends for dinner (I was already a bum at this time) And on my last day, the movers came to pick up my stuff and brought them to Osaka. I took the afternoon train to Osaka with a very heavy heart. Tokyo will always be one of my favorite cities I’ve lived in.

Osaka Castle(Spring)










May 2013 – I spent the Golden Week fixing my new apartment. Setting up my network, where to place my tv and gaming console and where to keep my stuff. I visited one of the shrines famous for their overwhelming number of torii (red gates) and hiked the low mountain of Mt Inari. I also had the chance to come back to Manila for a short business trip and meet my family for just a night. It was short, but definitely worth it. May in Kansai is a great time to visit different parks. I had to return to the parks I visited earlier in March and April and things looked different in a span of a month and 2.

Fushimi Inari




The coming months will surely be busy again. There is a planned trip on August and of course, more projects coming in. Until my next post regarding that upcoming trip. Really excited for that one!


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