3 Things

Jason Mraz’s new single, 3 Things, is the right song at the moment as I begin to end a chapter of my life. After more than 3 years of living in Japan, it will finally come to an end on June 29. I can say I lived the life in Japan. Travelled thousands of kilometers to visit places I want to see, enjoyed the scenery, and specially, eat what that place is famous for.
The weeks before leading to my departure of this wonderful country were really stressful and sad. But there is a limit for most of the things we enjoy in life. For me, it is bursting that bubble I’ve been in since I worked here. From living in Tokyo and moving to Osaka, I had a better chance to see most of Japan. Sadly, not all places in my list had been crossed out. But the good part about it is that I have something to look forward to and visit with my loved ones in the future.
Some of my fondest memories happened here. I proposed on top of Mt. Fuji. I had my first marathon in Tokyo. Felt one of the costliest and strongest earthquakes of our time. Life was not always good here. Of course we can never run away from the stress at work and other responsibilities when you start living here. I was feeling down a few days ago when I had to rush packing my things, settle my accounts and all the other preparations. For a moment it felt like, “Was it worth it?” Then I start remembering the wonderful things that happened here and what lies ahead. Hey, I am coming home to my country where my family is. Singapore is just a few hours away from Manila.  But I will surely miss this country. Bittersweet it is…..


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