I grew up in different environments; experienced different things as I gain age and friends; I am most of the time quiet when I’m in a crowd but in my head runs random thoughts of the things going around me. I reserve being “the fun guy” only when I am with my closest friends; people find me as a snob, indifferent and hot-tempered, but really, I think I’m a nice guy, right? hahaha

You are probably wondering, “RUNNING TO STAND STILL”. It is actually a song by U2 about life in a certain neighborhood in Dublin about heroin addiction. No I don’t do drugs.. But I have found this new high, RUNNING…

I have been running for 2 years now.. over a year and a half on treadmills like a hamster… I really do not have the guts to join the running community in Manila way back then cause really, I’m a shy guy. hahaha seriously, I am always conscious about the way people see me so I was not really comfortable then running around the neighborhood. But after my first road race, things changed. I may not be as hard core as some I have met, but this was enough to give me that high to negate all the stress and vices…

So, RUNNING TO STAND STILL, maybe it is a way for me to catch up on the things around me. Since everything around me (at work, friends, family) has been moving so fast, I need to “run” after them to catch up… I guess it is most applicable to my life when I face circumstances that I can barely keep up with…

  1. Nice mascot you have there! Added you to my blogroll…

  2. I was browsing Argonaut’s blog and saw your link. Nice name. hehe!

    Good times, keep it up bro!

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